Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Protecting The Homeland?

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gaywatchdog said...

Dear blogger,

I am announcing the creation of a blog to follow all media coverage of LGBTQI matters and events. Recent coverage has been as varied as purely homophobic (OTV's morning show interviews with pastor Edgar Traboulsi), sensational but misconceiving (LBC's Ahmar Bil Khat El Arid) or encouraging (some of the coverage following the anti-violence sit-in in Beirut). I have decided to do what I can. Being far from Lebanon (I'm on the East Coast of the US) I will be doing my best to track all media coverage of affairs of interest to the LGBTQI community.
I am writing to ask from you the following:
1. Reading the blog, commenting on it and talking about it to people you know;
2. Contributing to the blog by informing me of any current news that I have missed. Of course if there is an interest expressed to write on the blog that is very welcome!
3. Helping with the real aim of the blog which is to reach a memorandum of understanding with media outlets on coverage of LGBTQI affairs. Such memoranda have been successful in nearly all places where LGBTQI matters have progressed. I will state as an example one of the oldest: GLAAD's discussion with NY Times in 1987 to start using the word gay and other words with no negative connotation. I think certain of these media outlets are within our reach (L'Orient Le Jour, Daily Star and Annahar being the ones I can think of, and maybe LBC). Once we start getting some it is an extremely powerful tool to use to get all on board (well maybe not all but one never knows!);
4. To add my blog as a link on yours in case you support it;
4. Any other matters you might think are relevant.
Looking forward to getting in touch with you and getting some more work done ;)
Best regards

The link is: http://gaywatchlebanon.blogspot.com/