Thursday, November 20, 2008

What A Stupid Moron

The head of the Lebanese Progressive Socialist Party, MP Walid Jumblatt, said Thursday that communication with the US government "might be more difficult in the coming phase" as Washington makes the transition from George W. Bush to Barack Obama, adding that the Lebanese "would deploy all efforts to promote ties with the new administration."
Jumblatt's statements came during a dinner held in his honor by the PSP in Washington.
The PSP leader concluded his visit to the US by meeting with Vice President Dick Cheney, Senator John Kerry, and other senior US officials (who clearly have no problems meeting with a so-called socialist).
Jumblatt thanked the United States for what he called its "continuous support for Lebanon," adding that recent US political strategy in Lebanon was a "successful example" for the coming administration.

If the last few years qualify as a "success" for Jumblatt, I would hate to see his idea of failure...

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