Monday, October 13, 2008

Where Homophobia and Islamophobia Intersect

One of the nice things about having the day off from work (it's Columbus Day here in the US) is the joy of catching up with daytime TV.

So, here I am flipping channels as I'm sipping tea, and I land on ABC's Family Channel which still carries Pat Robertson's 700 Club.. in High Def Too

So, two stories in a row... one about the CT Gay Marriage rule that was passed last week, followed by an interview with a dutch right wing activist about the scary rise of Islam in his country and how that is an ideology (not a religion) of hate, barbarism, and submission...

Needless to say that old Pat was outraged about both stories and went on ranting about the evils that both Gay and Muslims present to our "values".. the "Judeo-Christian" values... you know, the values that are responsible for most was in history and the death of countless humans.. those values.

I remember watching Pat's hate fests ever since the 80's.. nice to see somethings never change, except the tons of additional make-up needed for the high definition feed.


The Ladies from the View rock... well, except for Elisabeth...

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Anonymous said...

Hey There!
Just found this site, and it's great to hear from you guys. I read your blog, and I totally agree with your view on the whole 700 club hate mongering. It makes me sad and angry to think that people around the world are exposed to such foolish and hateful behavior. Please know that this kind of thing is not a true representation of all of us, here in America. I am a white man, born in this country and raised with no specific religious affiliation. My father is an aviator and world traveler, who exposed me and my siblings to all cultures of the world. I tell you this because it was probably the single most important learning experience in my life. After finishing my education, I traveled and worked in many different countries. This has been a gift that I could never replace!!! I have met the most interesting, kind, loving, and generous people on this wonderous adventure. The one thing that I always express to my fellow Americans, in regards to people of the Middle that in my experience you have all been interesting, warm, cultured, and inspirational. I have spent time with my Middle Eastern friends in their homes, shared wonderful moments with their friends and family, and established lifelong relationships. I wouldn't trade these friendships for anything. Are there differences between people in one country and another?...Of course, but that is what makes this world so amazing!!! I hope that this message finds you well, happy, and healthy...and knowing that those of us who happen to be from this land, are not all small minded, ignorant fools. I know that I, as well as most of the people I associate with are caring, open minded, loving people. We welcome the opportunity of getting to know you and sharing our wisdom with each other!!!
Peace be with you!